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Vacation Deployment Service Suspension Policy

While on deployment or vacation for at least two weeks and not more than 6 months there is no need to disconnect your service and return Americable’s equipment. 3 WAYS TO SUSPEND SERVICE

1) Go to https://portal.americable.net After logging in to your account, click “Suspension Request” and select the dates for suspension.

2) Contact Tech Support at 241-2288 (046-896-2288 from your cell phone) and select Option 2.

3) Contact your local Americable office by phone or by setting up a ticket in My Account- Provide your name, account #, and the effective date for suspension and reactivation. In order to qualify for this service, you must be a current Auto Credit or Debit card customer with at least 6 months remaining on your credit card in our file and be a customer in good standing.

Your service will be suspended at a charge of $4.95 per month Service Administration Fee plus rental fees for each cable set-top box on your account. There is no rental fee for cable modems.

Updated on 26 July 2023

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