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Home Networking Service Policy

This document outlines the benefits, service policy, and procedures regarding the Americable Home Networking Service itself, its operation, and maintenance.

The benefits of Americable’s Home Networking Service include:

Multiple Connections — Connect up to four computers, or devices like computers, laptops, gaming consoles, printers, personal digital assistants (cellphones), and more to Americable High-Speed Internet hardwired.

Speed — Speed for the whole household – Americable Home Networking delivers cable-powered 100% Broadband speed. No dialing or phone line is required for connection.

Wireless Connections — Take the Internet with you from the patio to the kitchen to the family room — all you need is your laptop and you’re connected.

Security — From the foundation of a built-in Firewall to the additional layers of encryption, our installation technicians will turn on wireless security for your wireless home network.

Parental Controls — Establish Internet access time limits for computers in your house. Block Web sites that you do not want users on your home network to access.

File and Printer Sharing — Quickly and easily share files and printers on all devices connected to your network. We can set it up for you.

7 Days Week Support, 24 Hours — Dedicated technical support is available when you need it. Call 241-2288 and press 2 for Americable Home Networking technical support by telephone. Press “0” to leave a voicemail if you would like a callback.

Professional Installation — Americable provides end-to-end installation, including printer and PC setup, along with a DOCSIS cable modem and router integrated into one device. No messy wires or a need for a router.

Americable Home Networking Service Policy:

Americable Home Networking service will let you connect up to 4 PCs (IP devices) to the Internet at one time hardwired. Computers using a wireless connection must be within 150 feet of the gateway with minimal interference. Certain devices using radio frequency (including 2.4GHz cordless phones and microwave ovens), may interfere with or disrupt Internet connections. Structural interferences in your home can also be a factor in the range of the wireless network.

Americable Home Networking service is only available to Americable High-Speed Internet customers with the available Internet packages.

Only the Americable-issued routing devices are supported for use with the Americable Home Networking service. Only one Wireless Cable Modem Gateway is available per customer/account.

Customers must demonstrate their PC is functional. (BEFORE SETUP BEGINS ON CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT) The customer PC/device must have the ability to display English for setup. Technician WILL NOT REPAIR the PC under any circumstances. The technician will install only the Americable-issued Home Networking equipment, Ethernet cable, and 4 wireless/wired PCs or devices for the customer.

Printer setup requires the customer to have printer documentation showing the network setup of the device before the device will be set up by the technician.

Regular Nickel, Dime, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond service fee charges apply. Americable Wireless Cable Modem Gateway is required to use the service. The Home Networking Service rate is $6.07 per month. If you elect to have Americable set up your home network for you, an installation fee is required. You will have four PCs or wireless devices set up for your household. Wireless cards are required in your PC for any wireless connection to the cable modem gateway.

Equipment provided with installation includes and is limited to the following equipment: Gateway (with integrated DOCSIS cable modem) and one Ethernet cable to connect one PC. Additional equipment may be required and is not provided by Americable.

Cable Modem Gateway remains the property of Americable and must be returned to Americable if service is canceled.

For more information about installation, or if you need assistance, please call 241-2288 and press 2.

Please call 241-2288 and press 1 then select your office location for minimum requirements, pricing, and equipment details. Service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of both the “Americable User Agreement for InternetService”, “Americable Acceptable Use Policy For High-Speed Internet Services” and this document the “Americable Home Networking Service Policy”. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect download speed and wireless signal connectivity. For technical support or questions call 241-2288 and press 2.

Home Networking Service is only available with all Americable Internet packages. Pricing, features, and requirements are found on our web page at www.americable.net. Please contact the local Americable Office for your area for service availability and package details.

Home Networking

Customers may elect to receive the Home Networking Service to facilitate simultaneous, multiple connections to the service from up to four (4 hardwired) personal computing devices within the customer’s single household. Sharing of the Home Networking Service device with other individuals and their devices is strictly prohibited. Customer shall be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and hold Americable and its technicians harmless from and against any and all claims and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of Customer’s use or misuse of the Home Networking Service. The customer acknowledges and agrees that the Home Networking service may only be used for residential, non-commercial purposes. The customer further acknowledges that the Home Networking service may still be subject to the security risks outlined in Section 1.5 of the “User Agreement for Internet Service”, and that the disclaimer of warranty set forth in Section 6.1 of the “User Agreement for Internet Service” will continue to apply to use of the Home Networking service. Use of the Home Networking service for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. [Please contact the local Americable office to inquire about the availability of commercial service options.]

Packages and Fees

Home Networking Service fee: $6.07/month

  • Home Networking Service fee entitles the customer to the following:
  • Basic phone support service

Installation options:

Americable Technician Installation: $49.95

  • Entitles Customer to one additional truck roll in support of Home Network at no charge
  • Install cable modem gateway.
  • Configure cable modem gateway.
  • Install up to 4 networked PCs/devices in your home.

Customer Self-Installation: No Charge

  • Other Fees: Lost/Stolen/Damaged Wireless CM: $125.00
  • Basic router parameters that will be set by the installer:
  • The wireless “Guest” network is disabled.
  • Parental Control may be utilized upon request.- Internal network IP address range will be /24.
  • LAN IP address will be set to (the gateway itself).
  • Internal Static IP addresses may be used internally upon request. (assists in printer sharing)- Recommended wireless security is WPA2.
  • Port forwarding from outside to inside is not allowed.
Updated on 5 April 2023

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