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Is Hulu Geo-Restricted on Americable?


On February 19, 2018, Americable was informed by Hulu that our IP addresses are now 100% white-listed.   If you are shown a message for Hulu geo restriction, please contact Hulu via your Hulu Account email.

Before contacting Hulu, find out your IP address by going to www.whatismyipaddress.com The website will show you your IP address. Click on the IP address link to see the details of the IP address. This information will be used when responding to Hulu. Save it so you can give use it when addressing Hulu.

My IP Address Is:





Contacting Hulu:

Log into your Hulu account. Navigate to your Account. Click on “Need Help? Contact Us”. In “ask a question”, type in Military bases. Click on the link “Why can’t I use Hulu Internationally?”.  In the next window, under the section that says Military, click on “Contact Us”. Next window, make sure chat is selected and then select “I have a general Question”.

On the Hulu site, in the box listed as “Please enter a brief description of your issue”. Please enter the above information: My IP, ISP, City, Region and Country. Launch the chat.

When chat starts up with a Hulu rep, please inform them that you have contacted your ISP and have been informed that they have already sent the list of IP ranges and have been informed that IPs are all whitelisted as of February 19, 2018. Let them know you are located in Japan on U.S. Military Base.

This will be enough information for Hulu to take corrective action and remove the Geo Restriction for your IP address and should allow you to access the Hulu content.

Updated on 14 July 2021

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